Well, the other shoe dropped. That is to say that the living situation just got weirder. You see, Pete’s friend Brian was in need of another apartment and so Pete more of less decided to try and find an apartment with him for next year. That in itself is completely ok and we’re happy for him. What wasn’t ok was that he didn’t tell us. I always assumed that when you’re changing housing arrangments that people give the other roommates a “heads up.” I’m sure Pete had every intention of doing so, so I’m not placing blame, but even when you’re “thinking about it” you should let people know. His reply when we asked him about it was basically “I wasn’t going to say anything until I was sure.” That’s not the greatest of responses. You see, our lease is up in May and if Pete had waited a week or two, that would have given Jason and I only a few weeks to come up with alternatives and that would have been tough on us. I appreciate his honesty about the subject, I just wish it could have been a little more forth-coming. But, given the situation, Jason and I decided to be direct and said that if he was indeed leaving, we wouldn’t be resigning the lease. It was blunt, but I think Jason was a tad bit upset at that point. I can’t blame him.

It will unfortunatly (and more than likely) create an air of tension in the house, which was something that I wanted to avoid and didn’t want to have happen. But, I guess the reality of the situation is that we’re all moving on. Pete decided to change apartments and we found out before he told us, so in mini-retaliation, we decided to seek alternatives as well. The only reason I’m being blunt and honest here is because I want to avoid bad feelings between anyone. We felt slighted when we heard, even a little upset and disappointed. I can also tell that Pete wouldn’t do anything like that on purpose so nothing is “his fault” persay. I guess since it’s out in the open it can be a “mutual feeling” sort of thing. At least I hope so. At any rate, the search is on for alternative housing.

All that in an afternoon… oi. On to other topics. First up being photography. Nagle gave me a great idea today for a series. A bunch (5) of product shots of different game systems in a studio setting. Namely the SNES, PS, GameCube, Dreamcast and N64. I wish I had access to the original NES or a PS2, but those will have to do. I also want to comtinue my “portrait” series of images. Seeing if I could get Nagle and Pete to pose as well as Lauren and possibly myself. That would make 10 images (5 portraits and 5 systems) which would be enough to complete the next assignment. Whatcha think?

More later.