Well, printing went well yesterday. I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked but its enough so that I’ll be able to finish fairly quickly in the next day or so. The film I shot turned out well with the notable exception of my video game series which was mysteriously underexposed. I’ve already printed a few of them and I can compensate for the bad negatives with a little darkroom trickery and a whole lot of skill (aka: luck). Today I don’t have much to do actually. I have a quiz on Monday that I should study for and a script for a comic book that I need to be writing, but other than that I think I might just do some laundry and watch the hockey playoffs on ESPN. I should also wonder around the mall and see if there’s anything I can get to augment the other gift I already have for Lauren for our aniversay. Which by the way, is Tuesday. That’s about it.