Well, I went and gave Jason a hand doing sound editing and foley work today. It was kinda fun. Sitting in a studio, reading line and making noise with various things. But, now that’s over with and I’m looking for something to eat. I’m rather hungry but I don’t have much in the house. Kind of odd considering I just went grocery shopping. Oh well. I think I have some frozen chicken nuggets that are calling out to me.

I’d just like to mention something else that’s rather random. I was hoping to upgrade to Windows XP with my new system, it seemed to make sense at the time and there’s really no reason why I shouldn’t. XP Pro is built on Win 2000 code so it should be stable enough. And if I turn off EVERY annoying little “eye-candy” feature it has it might almost be tolerable. But then I looked into how much it was going to be to buy a copy. For starters, $150 for an OEM version is rediculous. I won’t even mention my opinion on a full version costing $300. What the fuck? I like to have actual copies of my operating systems. Windows 2000 has been the only exception and even then the version I have is mostly-legal, it being a full version without a serial number. I wanted to actually have a legit copy of XP but now I see that it’s not going to happen. I’m not going to pay an OEM to install it for me and I’m certainly not going to pay $300 for a copy in a box. That price tag is more money than I’m going to pay for the hard drive it would be on. I think the HD is a little bit more important than the OS. If Microsoft would like to know why 1 in 4 copies of their OS are pirated (actual number) than they have to look no further than their own marketing department. Screw that.

I’m done now. Where are those chicken nuggets???