Well. I got confirmation of my order being cancelled, that’s good. Now I wait a day or two for my account balance to fix itself and I can order the parts from a real retailer. Woot.

Dear Matthew Perry,

We had received a request to cancel your order.

Please be informed that your order has been CANCELLED for you.
Your cancellation confirmation is: XXXXXXXX

To place another order, please visit us again at:
www.googlegear.com. Thank you for shopping with us!

Your shopping buddy,

What a load of poop. At least they were nice about it. Some of the stories I’ve seen have their customer service people being real assholes. The lady I talked to was nice, all be it uninformed. But at least it got straitened out.

So, the computer gets pushed back by a few days, no biggie. In the end I get a cheaper deal anyways. Plus faster shipping which is always nice. So, now I can stop talking about it for the time being and concentrate on more importatant things. Like photography. Which I’m doing at the moment. This upcoming assignment will be a little more on the abstract side but the professor seems to like my ideas, so why not go with it. Lot of motion blurs, close-up abstracts, distortions (think “water ripples”) and odd use of light. For example, have you ever noticed that little bit of light the creeps under your door at night, making the door look ominous… well, why not take a picture of that plane of light, it looks cool enough. That’s the kind of stuff I’d like to do this time. Mostly because I can’t think of anything better. This, in artist terms, would be “art for arts sake.” Ok, back to work. Later.