My response:

Dear GoogleGear,
While I understand your policy of verifying credit cards, I don’t exactly understand how my credit card can be charged and not verified. My card was charged as soon as I placed my order and the current balance reflects that. I assumed that your ability to charge my card reflected in some way your ability to verify it as well. While I appreciate the attempt to provide security for my order, I don’t agree with the way its being handled. At this time I’m requesting that you cancel my order and refund my credit card. Or, ship my order immediately. I have no intention of providing a copy of drivers license to anyone that isn’t a representative of a local or federal government office. The mere fact that you’re company is asking for this information is in violation of several federal laws. I don’t wish to pursue this any further and the mere fact that my credit was charged has solidified my dissatisfaction. Please ship my order now or refund my card and cancel my order immediately.

Matthew M Perry

Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it.