Lots going on at the moment. Today I printed some stuff from my shoot last weekend. They turned out well. 1 down, 9 to go. Speaking of those 9, they’ll be shot tomorrow, developed by Saturday and hopefully printed before Tuesday. Tuesday is our two year aniversary, Lauren and I, so I’d obviously like to get those done before then so I can spend the evening out with my girl. Tomorrow, I’ve got a make up class from 9 till 11:30ish, after that I’ll head upstairs to the Studio and setup for shooting the rest of the afternoon. I’m going to be shooting a series of 5 video game consoles (well, 4 and an ibook if Nagle’s still ok with me borrowing it) and then 4 portraits. Pete, Lauren, Nagle and myself will be the portraits and then (if I can still borrow them) I’ll get closeup product-shots of a PS, N64, GameCube, Dreamcast and iBook. The iBook isn’t my first choice obviously, but NO ONE around here has anything other than what I already have, or nothing at all. And no, I don’t plan on buying a PS2 simply to take a picture of it. Although, renting one my not be a bad idea… hmmm. Nah. Tomorrow we also sign the lease on our new place. We’ve worked out a deal with the complex to shut off everything (power, water, etc) for the summer so that we’re just paying rent. That way we won’t have to pay to keep the apartment air conditioned while there’s no one there. That’s about it.