I know, I know. I’ve been bad this week. I’m sorry. There just wasn’t anything interesting going on. But now there is. Or at least random stuff happened and now I can ramble about it.

First and formost, Chris finally got his domain up and running. Go check out ma’ boy ova’ at Ckelly.net. Nice work my friend. And I’d certainly be willing to give you a hand with anything you needed graphically or interface wise, just lemme know.

Also, my order from B&H finally showed up, which is good because I can now start shooting for assignments this quarter, which I had been aching to do for weeks now. None of this will really make sense to anyone else, but I got some 16×20 Kodak Ultra 3 and Radiance 3 (those are both paper), Portra 160VC, Supra 400, Agfa Optima-2 400, Fugi Provia 160 and Astia 220 (all of which are film). So, now I’m set supply wise, at least until I have to buy Poloroid stuff. Fortunatly, that won’t be for a month or so.

Lets see, what else…

Laurens got herself an apartment. That may not seem like a big deal, but having her in the dorms was a bigger pain in the ass than I care to explain. Now that she’s got an apartment, she doesn’t have to follow any mindless 12:00 curfew. Which, in all my years here at SCAD, I’ve never been able to understand. I mean, 12? WTF? We’re college kids for heaven’s sake, don’t you think we’re planning on being up later than that? But, like I said. It is no more. She’s going to finish out her stay this semester than move in when we break for the summer. She technically already has it, and could move in tomorrow if she wanted, but whats the point of moving in when she doesn’t have any furnature yet?

Oh, and Freedom Force has been taking up far to much of my time. It’s a nifty little Super Hero rpg-ish, action-ish kind of game. It’s really well done. Score another point for Irrational Games, the makers of System-Shock, SS2 and this among others. Good job guys.

Lastly, as far as posting frequency goes, don’t expect it to be regular this quarter. I’m afraid there’s just far to much work ahead of me. Jason and I are also having bandwidth issues and haven’t really been able to check email or be on AIM that often. We know exactly what the problem is and have discussed it with him and hinted at it for sometime, but it doesn’t seem to be getting through. We’re hoping he gets the message and tries to be a little more considerate with our current bandwidth limitations.

I’ve also got a slew of movie reviews to go through and since I’ve got a moment, why not…

SpyGames: Last seasons block-buster spy movie with Pitt and Redford. My main issue with this one is it’s basic style. I have a real distaste for movies told in flash-back sequences. While it works on some occasions, other times it can be downright annoying. I spend a good majority of the time wondering when I’d see action in the “current” time line. It’s not half bad however. Redford is good, he’s always good. Pitt is, well, Pitt. There’s nothing innovative about the character. He’s played the same caracter for 5 or 6 movies. The last time he did any real character work was in Fight Club. Since then he’s just been himself. There’s nothing really wrong with that, but as your watching the movie you’re constantly thinking “what’s going to happen to Brad?” not “what’s going to happen to CIA operative Tom Bishop?” At any rate, it’s not bad, but it’s not fantastic either. It’s another action flick and thats about it.


Curse of the Jade Scorpion: Lauren and I had ourselves a little movie fest earlier this week, and this was one of them. As a fan of Woody Allen movies I have to say that I’m going to be slightly bias here. The movie was good. It was funny in a Woody Allen sort of way, there’s no doubt about that. The main upsides to this one were without a doubt, the witty dialog and the setting/era costumes/music. I lump those together because they really wouldn’t make any sense without each other. What’s the point of having a movie set in the 40s without vintage cars and costumes or without a Jazz/Swing soundtrack for that matter. But, like I said, the dialog and scripting were really the star. The delivery was dead on too. Thanks in no same part to a great cast. If you’re looking for something funny in a sarcastic sort of way, rent this one. If you don’t like Woody Allen’s “meak and stuttering” persona, stay away.


The Last Castle: Another Redford flick. It must be a trend or something. Actually, this one was pretty decent as well. There were a few minor little plot points that kinda struck me as odd and I just couldn’t get past them. Also, the acting of James Gandolfini was a little on the weak side. Not “bad” just not up to the par of more seasoned movie actors. But its also forgivable given his less than lengthy career. But, in the end, I still can’t get over the “little things.” For example, towards the end, there’s a helicopter “attack” in which someone from the ground climbs up a newly attached rope, up into the helicopter, knocks out two soliders and the pilot and then proceeds to take over the controls, swing the roters of the chopper into a guard tower, crash, and walk away from it. Umm… no. I’m sorry, as much as I try, I can’ suspend my disblief for that one. So, it’s not bad, just another action flick. Redford pretty much saves the film acting wise, providing a much needed contrast to other characters.


We also watched Life as a House and One Flew Over tha Cuckoo’s Nest, but I’ll get to those later. That’s about it from Savannah. Not much going on. I’ll do my best to be frequent with my updates, but I can’t promise anything. Us Photo majors are busy folks.