Damn, it’s Thursday already. The critique in photo class went well, everyone seemed to like my stuff and I even got a few compliments on my “style” which never happened before. Go me! Other than that there’s not much going on. I’ve got to start shooting slide film (aka: “chromes”) this weekend for my next assignment. I’ve also got to finish a three page comic and do research on a term paper topic. I hate midterms.

In other news, since Lauren and I were both busy on Tuesday, we’ve decided to “celebrate” our aniversary tonight. I’m cooking my famous “Hong Kong Spicy Chicken” with rice. I also picked up a nice bottle of ’97 chardoney from the liquior store.

Tomorrow Lauren has a field trip to go to so I’ll probably hang out here and shoot a few rolls of film. Maybe I might have time to order computer parts too. It’s really sad that I don’t even have time to order the parts, let alone put them together and enjoy a new system. I don’t want to wait till I get home so I’ll probably end up doing soon. It just seems like one more “good thing” has turned into a hassle. What the heck.

Oh, and did I mention the hippies? There were friggin hippies everywhere! “Wide Spread Panic” a sucky hippy band was playing at the Civic Center and an entire nation of dirty, stinky, stupid people flooded into town. I was asked 3 times if I had any pot. Three!!! And it was over a period of no more than 15 minutes. I hate hippies. I loath hippies. There is no lower form of human being than a fucking hippy. ARG! But they’re gone now, and they’ve taken their “stink” with them. So, I can’t really complain. I think I hate hippies even more than I hate Nazi’s, and that’s a tough thing to do, especially after 20 years of video games to back me up. Is it just me, or are Nazi’s the bad guy in nearly every video game? At least in a good percentage. Whatever.

I’m going to go cook dinner now. Cheers.