Another day, another project. Yesterday’s photo shoot went well, I’ll be picking up the negatives on Monday. The proof that I pulled from the Poloroid was nifty looking, so if that’s any indication it should be cool. So, that’s 1 down, 9 to go, and only a week left to shoot and print… I’m screwed. I’ve got to have a bunch of ideas and really really quick. I think I might do a series of “morning light” images. I’ve been having that idea for a while. There’s an interesting quality to the light that peaks through window shades early in the morning. I don’t know. I also wanted to do a series about motion, but I don’t see that happening. There was also a series of distortion ideas that I had. Random stuff like “through a bottle” and “underwater”. Those might be neat. But, those aren’t for today. Today it’s time for sequential homework. This assignment sucks. It’s 3-5 comic pages, inked, using only outlines, silouettes and solid forms. Yeah, it sucks. Oh well. I guess it’s time to get cracking.

Current mood: Tired
Current tunes: Sasha & Digweed Essential Mix @ Miami WC -04-06-02