What a friggin’ ordeal it was this morning. Well, it wasn’t “that” bad but it did take far longer than it should have. Yesterday I found out that my film (if it was even mine) didn’t come out so today with Jason’s help, I reshot my assignment. We got downtown around 9:30 and headed into Burgen. Apparently the lab monitors desided it would be a good day to be really late and didn’t show up until 10:15. Which is rediculous since they’re supposed to be there at 9:00 when the building opens. So, after getting equipment checked out the shoot actually went well and it only took about 40-45 minutes. Which is really good considering 20 minutes of that was setting up and taking down equipment. Just as I’m leaving, the lab monitor asked me if I had found my film (I forgot it on Wednesday) and I said yes. She then held up a roll of film which was the exact same type and speed that I had been using and said “oh, well, someone found this on Wednesday, I thought I might have been yours.” I said it probably was and took it, feeling rather sheepish. So, on my way home I dropped off the film to be developed and so if the roll I lost was actually the roll I got back today and my reshoot was for nothing, I’ll mock myself openly. Although, I wouldn’t have “found” it if I hadn’t gone and done the reshoot. I guess life just works in funny ways like that. So, best case scenerio I have two rolls of film instead of one. Worst case scenerio, I only have the reshoot roll and the other was just someone elses. Either way I covered my ass.

I also remembered to save the Poloroid test shots from this one. Mainly because it’s not a half-bad picture of Jason. Actually, it’s rather funny. He’s making the “I’m mocking you” face. If you know Jason, you’ll probably enjoy that. At any rate, it gives you a good idea of my lighting set up. The actual shots themselves involve his face being wrapped up like the Invisable Man, but I’ll have to wait to share those until I get the negatives back. Anyway, check this out and enjoy.

Jason’s picture

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