Well, tonight Sandra Collins will be spinning at Liquified in Atlanta and I’m not going. Both Nagle and I aren’t feeling 100% so we decided it probably wouldn’t be the best idea to go. Its unfortunate since Collins is quite the DJ and I haven’t done much in the way of “excitement” this spring break. Not that I don’t appreciate sitting on my ass for a week, but after a while it starts to lean towards borring.

Today I’m working on a design for Blog Project. I’m keeping it simple while trying to make it “nifty”. It needs to be simple enough to design around and obviously easy to use, but I’m trying to stear away from the “table and left-hand column” routine. At the moment I’m workin on the header and navigation. I don’t quite know what the links in the navigation bar will be, so I’ll just leave them as blank buttons for the time being. I’m also going with my favorite “blue & gray” color scheme with splashes of color in the header and the columns. I’d like a posting system that allows for “author icons” so I’m leaving plenty of room for that. In case Chris and Chip are interested, I’ll put the stuff I’m working on in a temp directory on BP when I finish for the day.

I was also going to go see Panic Room today with Jason but I was disappointed to find out that it opens next friday and not today. Dang.

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Current Mood: less than motivated