Well kids. There’s Flash galore around here tonight. Check out the downloads page for the new cartoon and check out the main entrance for the new intro. I really don’t like the intro very much, so after tomorrows class, it’ll probably be taken down, so better check it out soon. (I’ll probably put it on the downloads page afterwards incase anyone’s interested in seeing it).

In other interesting news. Chris is back from spring break and gave me a call tonight. We had a chance to catch up and there’s a bunch of stuff going on.

On the top of the “breaking news” list is the fact that Jeff is getting married. I don’t know any date specifics but he’s apparently met a nice girl and after only a month or so they’ve decided to get married this summer. Apparently they want to do it in Ibiza which would add a reason to Chris and I going, rather than just a vacation. Chris has also played the “test drive” game and seems to have settled on a car that he likes. I’ll let him tell you more about all that once he updates his page.

We also tossed out ideas about the summer. This is actually a coinsidence because Lauren and I were having a similar discussion last night. It’s nearing the end of school for all of us (a bit closer for Chris) and it’s time to figure out what exactly we want to do with the rest of our lives.

My plans for this summer involve working and… um… working. Mainly to save up for a ring for the finger of my wonderful Lauren. (there’s a lot of talk about marriage huh?). But, Chris wants to break in the new car he’ll be getting so maybe we can swing a little road trip in there. I’ve always wanted to explore the country a bit. And doing so with one of my best buds would be even better. This all of course depends on the flexability of a summer job. Summer jobs usually aren’t very flexable and so all of this day-dreaming is probably never going to happen, but hey, it never hurts to dream.

After college my general plan involves life with Lauren, life in Boston and a life in Photography. The specifics of towns and job locations obviously are still a little blurry. All I know is that I want a life with my girl on one shoulder and my camera on the other. I don’t think thats too much to ask.

Anyway, time to get everything finished up for tomorrow and get some sleep. Later.