Well, it’s Saturday. I would have updated sooner, but there wasn’t really much going on. Last night however, we check out “Death to Smoochy” a hilarious and dark comedy starting Robin Williams and Edward Norton, Directed by Danny DeVito. I had been looking forward to this one for about a month and I wasn’t let down. The basic story line is that a kids TV show host, Rainbow Randolph (Williams), is fired for taking bribes and is replaced by a more ethically centered character (Norton) named Smoochy the Rhino. Randolph takes it rather personally and tries to get back at Smoochy. There’s a decent supporting cast that includes Danny DaVito, Jon Stewart and Harvey Fierstein. The supporting cast was probably the one minor drawbacks that I could see. Their roll was rather uninspired and lack-luster. It’s sad that no one writes decent rolls for Jon Stewart, I don’t think he’s been funny in a movie yet. He’s very funny on the Daily Show, but unfortunatly no here. All in all, this is a dark little comedy that had me laughing outright. The “Step-Dad Song” was definatly a highlight. The upsides of this one definatly outweigh any downsides. It was a little thick on the profanities and the supporting cast was a little weak, but it was definatly worth the trip. Go see it.

8.8 / 10