Well. I got 90% done with a design for BlogProject. I might even make a splash page. We’ll see. You guys can check it out if you like. It’s in the same place, only now it’s “interface.jpg”. Also, if you guys have any creative ideas, please pass’em on.

Today is also the day that my sweetheart gets home. Yah! I’m leaving around 4:30 to pick her up. I figure I’ll stop at the car wash while I’m at it. I parked her car under a tree and it has an inch thick layer of pollen on it. I doubt she’s be pleased if I returned it to her in that condition.

I figure I’ll make some dinner when we get back from the airport so I moved some chicken from the freezer to the fridge to thaw a little. She’ll probably be fairly tired after traveling all day so that’ll probably be about it for activity.

Still no call from the Bursars Office regarding my paperwork. I need the paperwork to get my loans, I need my loans to buy photo supplies, I need photo supplies to finish my portfolio, I need a portfolio to get a job, I need the job to help pay off school loans. What a vicious cycle.

That is all.