Triumphant indeed! I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s well deserved. For a mere $20 I’ve purchased Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. This normally priced at $50 gem was sitting in the “previously owned” pile at EB yesterday. I took it apon myself to liberate it from it’s shrink wrapped existance and purchased it immediatly. Before leaving the mall I verified both the CD key and the non-scratched state of the CDs. Everything was in pristine conditions. Another case of someone buying a game, copying the contents and returning it the next day. How fortunate for me. The downside to all this is that I can’t really play it at the moment. I’ll have to wait until next semesters refund check goes through and I can afford to upgrade my computer to its new “UberRig” status, complete with side pannel cut out, black-light and duel fan blow-hole. But more on that later as it comes into being.

I’m not quite sure what everyone else’s plans are today. I know I have to drive down to Propes Hall at some point and sign some paperwork. Beyond that I don’t really have any plans. I’d like to continue my graphic design whirlwind of activity but I’m also getting rather bored. Perhaps a bad movie is in order. I’ve wanted to see Resident Evil since Friday. Yes, I know it’s bad, probably horrible, but I like seeing movies by myself so I might do that. I think at some point Justin wanted to go downtown and walk around, that’s always a possibility, and there’s always Counter-Strike. Plus I have a mix ready to go, so maybe I’ll “spin” myself a new set. We’ll see what comes up. I don’t think there’s definate plans either way.