Now that spring break is officially here, I can take a minute and bring you BOTH Part’s 4 & 5 of my “electronic music rant.” So hold on tight.

Part 4: What Techno should be

It is my opinion, in case you hadn’t been paying attention, that techno music is an “art form” much in the way classical is. Sure, there’s obvious and glaring differences, and I wouldn’t attempt to assume techno is as great or greater in any technical “playable” (instrument) aspects. But think about it. What are the basics of those two music forms. Notes. Pure notes. On an instrument, there’s often open levels of interpretation. For example, in Jazz, improvisation is key, in rock its accepted (although the cord progressions are simpler) and in most other types of modern music, it’s simplified. But in classical, there’s notes. Pure, resounding notes, played on instruments that are designed to give those perfect notes. Now, flip the tables. What’s more perfect than a note produced electronically. Sure, there’s no “life” to that note, there’s no human blowing into a tube with holes in it, making that note. But they are notes non the less. The most non-vibrato, sharpest sounding, pure notes. Now, fast forward. These notes have made it onto a page of music that’s to be played at a concert. Or, these notes have been recorded in a pattern to be “played” (spun) at a concert. The DJ is the conductor and the records are his orchestra. Now, this might be stretching it a bit, but it illustrates my point. That techno music is just as much of a musical art form as any other of the musical genres we have. Just because the DJ isn’t using his hands to create the music doesn’t mean he’s not possessing skill or working just as hard as someone playing the flute in a concert hall. The point here is that techno music demands respect in the same way that any other music demands your respect. This segways into something I’ve already covered (idiots at shows) and I would probably go on and on about how these people aren’t there for the music, don’t respect the music, and should be removed from this planet. But I won’t do that. We all know who they are and that they’re idiots. I don’t need to repeat myself.

Instead I’ll continue with the other aspect of techno, it’s purpose. Now that we’ve established that it’s a music form and should be respected, we can talk about what to use it for, and that of course, is enjoyment. Just like 99.9% of all the other music in the world, techno was made to be danced to, listened to and enjoyed. I’ll stress again that drinking and being an asshole ARE NOT part of “enjoyment of music” so fuck those people. I digress. Techno was made to be played in a club, that’s where it started and that’s where it should stay. Maybe I’m jaded by bad outdoor concert experiences, but it’s club music for a reason. So we can at least “try” to keep morons and 14 year olds out. This led to the rave scene, where people that couldn’t get into clubs starting trying to have club like fun. Thats all good and wonderful for those afor mentioned 14 year old idiots, but if they ever think they’ll be respected as “fans” they’ve got a lot of waiting to do.

So, techno is for everything. It’s for dancing, it’s for enjoyment, it’s for any situation where you’d like to tap your foot to something while you work. It’s “exciting” music and has vast “energy” that can be used (or abused) to fit nearly any purpose. To me, techno is all about enjoying yourself and completely relaxing for a while. In the music you can get lost and when you concentrate on a single thing (the music) you aren’t thinking about all the other crap in your life, at least for a little while. Techno music should NOT be something you put on because your friend has it and you want to be cool. It should not be something you put on to get high or drunk. It should not played on the radio (by that I mean not in heavy rotation durring the drive hours, there’s obviously good points to it being played on the radio: ex: Essential mixes). It should not be stagnent (ie: don’t play the same songs for 3 months, they get old, move on to newer tracks). It should not be misused as an excuse for “teen angst”. The media loves that one. Techno is the new “devil worshiping hard rock” that everyone thought was terrible in the 80’s and 90’s. Well, it’s not, so get your damn news camera out of my face and learn what it’s all about. Arg.

Part 5: The point (i.e.: summing all this up)

The main reason I wrote all this is because I was pissed off. Pissed about 14 year olds “ruining the scene”, pissed about the music not being taken seriously, pissed about how it’s become the new trend because people don’t understand it, pissed about… well, you get the idea. I hope I’ve gotten most of this off my chest and explained a little bit about why music is so important, why is shouldn’t be ruined or taken advantage off and why I like it. To sum up: techno is an ever changing, always fresh musical genre that appeals to both the true fan and the idiot. Idiots like to get trashed and jump around, the true fans enjoy it for it’s more subtle qualities and it’s “presence” on the dance floor. We should all try to make sure the idiots are kicked squarely in the head and that we save this music for the people that truly enjoy it. It’s something special, something new and something that shouldn’t be “trendy” but respected. But, over the past week, I’ve said my piece. If you agree with it, that’s fine, if not, that’s fine too. Whatever makes you happy… and THAT IS THE POINT.