My brain hurts. 9am History classes tend to do that to you. But now I’m home and I think it’s about time for some food and Counter-Strike.

I was also frightened to learn that B&H, my most trusted photo supplier, is closed until the end of passover. I guess they’re Jewish. That kinda of sucks for me since I needed supplies by Monday. However, I’ve talked to my professor (who was also waiting on supplies for B&H) and he said just to buy the absolute bare nessesities in town and that we’d be able to get by until B&H reopened and shipped our orders. This semester will be a biggie too. Atleast $500-$600 dollars worth, and that’s just to get started. There’s no size requirement for our prints in this class but if they’re larger than 16×20 we don’t have to window matte them later on. So, of course I want to avoid matting things, so I’ll be ordering very large paper. Which, while being expensive, wouldn’t be as expensive as matting 30 prints durring finals. So, it’s a trade off.

Oh well. Back to the grind.