It’s been fun getting the “old gang”, or at least a portion of it, back together this week. The combonations of senses of humor, old jokes, that sort of thing, has been really fun. Yesterday I can’t really say I did much of anything. All morning we sat around thinking of something to do, which we never acted on. Later in the afternoon, Nagle came over and Justin and Jason went to a punk show down town, which left Nagle and I “talking shop” about Photoshop and graphic design all afternoon. Before we knew it, we had each made a new desktop or two and it was 10:30. That’s about it. I played a little CS, played in Photoshop a little and generally just hung out. It was fun.

I did manage to pick up the new Chemical Brothers album “Come with Us” that I had been wanting for some time. The Chems really did a great job with this one. It has a really fresh sound but is still really close to “Dig Your Own Hole.” Its the type of CD that should be listening to strait through to get the whole effect. It has a “ride” sort of feel. It starts off sorta weak with the title track “Come With Us” and leads up into awesome tracks like “Star Guitar” and “Hoops” which are real gems and are boarding on progressive/trance like tracks. Then into a creepy interlude with “My Elastic Eye” and an awesome chilled out “The State We’re In.” Then back up to the dance floor with “Denmark” and “Pioneer Skies“, finishing in vocal style with “The Test.” Its all very well done and very recognizable Chem style. This one is definatly in my rotation for the next few weeks. 9/10. Missing the 1.0 due to the lack luster start and some other random “cheesyness” although they were nicely pulled off. Stll a great disk and definatly something worth listening too.

Other than that it’s been pretty borring around here. Same old jokes, same old melodrama, same old everything. I did get to talk “shop” with Nagle for a while which was good. It’s funny that while 90% of the college world is having spring break, drinking, being stupid, we’re sitting here being “art students” and discussing graphic design. As Nagle put it, “who cares, in 10 years they’ll be working in retail and we’ll be deciding what ads they see, what pictures are in them and what colors are trendy. Fuck’em”