In an interesting twist of automobile fate, Pete has left for the week. Some time ago he got into a wreck with his van. It was still “working” but the accident completely decimated the rear-end, the brakes and half a dozen other things. So, it was time to get a new car. With the insurance money, I think, he folks got him a Jeep. Problem is that it’s back home, in Wisconsin. So, Pete left this morning to drive the 20 hours home in order to get his new car. Safe driving Pete.

Also, it’s the last day that Justin is here, so we might go out and do something. Maybe a movie. It’s also come to my attention that the new Flogging Molly album came out today. If you’ve never heard Irish punk rock, you’re missing out. Their first two albums (one studio album and one live) were great and they were equaly impressive live when we saw them here in town. Maybe I’ll end up at a CD store, splurging a bit. I don’t think I’ve purchased a non-techno CD in a very long time. This certainly deserves it however.

Thats about it. Medal of Honor is friggin awesome for those of you who have the system to run it. Go check the “used” bins, you may get lucky.

Carry on.