I’d like to thank Chip for pointing me in the direction of Games Fusion. A funky little site covering anything FPS related. Especially cool are the Counter-Strike packs. These little beauties feature 50 Mbs worth of replacement models, sounds, sprites and anything else you could think of needing. I had been looking for the perfect replacements for my CS stuff and apparently someone has collected all my favorites in one place. Huzah. Go down load them here, and do so NOW!

Today should be fairly busy. I have to run downtown and drop off some film and a cd of digital stuff to be processed. The film will be ready in 2 hours, the digital stuff is another matter. You see, we have this really nifty $20,000 digital back for our RZ-67s (a sweet camera) and it takes some great shots. I think the smallest resolution on that baby is 3063×2040 @ 24bpp and it only goes UP from there. So, I took some shots with it the other day and they turned out really well. Now, the point of taking a picture with that kind of resolution is that you get them outputted through a film recorder. Which is also another amazing piece of equipment we happen to have. The downside is that it takes forever for the thing to print and the turn around time is about 3-4 days. Now, that wouldn’t be so bad if this was the begining of the semester and everyone wasn’t trying to use it. Oh, did I mention it’s broken? Yah, someone broke the film recorder and now the department isn’t sure if they can have it fixed in time to be useful. So, our teacher told us if they didn’t have it fixed we could just make a nice ink-jet/laser print of it and she’d accept those. So, I have to drive downtown to see if it’s fixed (because apparently no one likes to answer the damn phone). If it’s not, I’m heading to Office Max to buy a print cartridge and some nice photo paper. What a day.

Oh, and PART 3 will probably be written this afternoon as well. Just to let you know.

Carry on.