I feel like a 3rd rate blogger. My writing is horrible and my spelling can be summed up by the word “preschooler.” I’ve never felt so under accomplished in anything. Most of the time I struggle to better myself and somehow it works out. My photography has improved, my web skills too. My writing however, is never inspired, never informed. I feel like I’m the most un-interesting human on the planet. I know thats not true, Dick Cheney is the most uninteresting person on the planet, but still. When I read things like andrewsullivan.com and KeepTrying I’m always impressed by the ease of which the words seem to flow and the points that always make sense. I think I desperately need to take more writing classes. Either that or I need to get over my complexes and realize that some people are just simply gifted at writing and I’m not one of them. I can deal with that. I just hate not being good at something.

On the upside, I’ve got some links for you.

For those of you who are in desperate need of “the good word” on web design, graphic design and things generally artistic, you definatly need to check out Surf Station.

Ever wonder about commercialism and thing on the web going strait to hell. Well then, The End of Free is for you. Keep up to date with all thats wrong with the web today.

I was impressed with PseudoRoom at first glance. Then I realized its completely sliced in Photoshop and loads in one block at a time. I’m still impressed, but now more by the design than the implementation.

Lastly, but not leastly, check out my boy Nagle‘s kick ass wallpaper (Action in 93) over at DevArt.

That is all.

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