Electronic Music Essay:

Part One: American “Dance” verses European “Electronic Music”
Part Two: The Shelf Life of Tracks
Part Three: Fucking Candy Ravers and the 15-year-old Oakenfold Fans
Part Four: What Techno Should Be
Part Five: The Point of All This

The inspiration for this extremely long rant came from the radio strangely enough. Driving home one evening I was interested to hear both Darude’s “Sandstorm” and Iio’s “Rapture” on a local radio station. This started me thinking about the American attitude towards electronic music as a whole. Or at the very least my opinions about electronic music.

I should also mention at this point that this entire series of posts is purely based on my opinions and in no way should be taken as “expert” or as offensive towards any group, style of music or country I may mention. So, starting tomorrow? look for an entire week or ranting and raving about raving and ranting.

Sorry for the bad pun.

Carry on.