Another semester begins. This time with less fanfair and slightly more aggrivation. More acuratly, more pressure. As it is for all Spring Semesters, it’s job hunting time. This year I actually have hopes of finding something nice. First choice is something nice in Boston, maybe a photographers assistant or as an intern at a design firm (who usually have in-house photographers). Second choice would be something here in Savannah. Third choice is anything else. Not that summers at Electronics Boutique weren’t fun, they certainly were, but I think it’s time to shoot a little higher. My portfolio is 75% complete, needing only color and studio work added and my resume is more or less typed. I’m also thinking about printing “photo-cards” which are kind of like a photographer’s buisness card. They have an example of a photographers work on them and are generally used to show off or as “extras” when sending out resumes, but they’re nice to have.

Ok, I think it’s time to hit the sack. I have yet another 9am class this semester, and it’s a history class to boot. Fun.