Another one bites the dust. Another semester down, a few more to go. I finished up classes yesterday with a critique in my 3:00 Studio class. It went well, the class seemed to like my work. It probably helped that the class was full of “friends” from the department. They’re not nessisarily friends I would hang out with outside of class, but everyone knows each others names and we’ve all been in each others classes before, so we know where each other is coming from and can offer some creative critisism. Which is always good. I’m pretty sure I pulled of a solid “A” in there so that should make it 3 strait years on the Dean’s List. Go me!

Today also marks the begining of spring break. Lauren is flying home tonight, Justin is flying in, and I’m gearing up for a week of absolutely nothing. With the possible exception of a concert next Friday night. There’s a possibility that Nagle and I (and whoever else feels like coming) will go check out Sandra Collins in Atlanta. For those of you who haven’t heard of her, she’s a DJ, a rather good one. I have a few Essential Mixes and mix CD’s and she’s always been on my “Top 20” list.

Speaking of Essential Mixes. I’ve been going a little nutty trying to find some lately. I think I’ve made it my next “collection” project. I found a nifty little server that records the show each weekend and so I can always get the new ones, but the real quest is for the old ones. No one seems to have any that date further back than 2000. Which is kind of disappointing since there were some really awesome mixes from people like Seb Fontaine, Tony DeVit, and other DJs that were really working the “1s & 2s” back in the 90’s.

Anyway. I’m justing hanging out today until Lauren gives me a call that she’s out of class. Then I’m going to be driving her and a friend to the airport for her flight at 6. I’m really going to miss her this week. I know I won’t be doing much around here, but it would still be nice to have my girl to sit around and not do much with me. I hope she has fun back home and that her Dad’s doing well (he broke his leg). I’ll miss her.

That is all.

Current Music: Essential Mix – 03-03-2002 – Gordon Kaye