Wow… what a mind job. I’ve made some SERIOUS headway on a site design. It’s actually going to be nothing like what I posted before. It’s slick, it’s “techie” looking, for heaven’s sake it’s even ORANGE! Yup, orange. I don’t really like orange that much, but combined with the right shades of gray it can look mighty bad ass. It’s almost ready folks. It’s really close… so close I can taste it. I’m 90% done with the navigation layout, just some minor tweaks in the spacing department. It’ll be ready if I ever want to make it into a Flash layout. I’ve marked off where I want the “content” to go. I’ve done the table layouts. It’s all ready to rock. Another day or two. Problem here will be switching over the blogger code, but that shouldn’t take more than an afternoon. This time the site will incorporate my portfolio as well, which is sort of a first for me. I’ve tried it before but always hated the layouts so I never felt comfortable showing my work if I couldn’t even make a layout work. But not this time. The portfolio section is the part that’s required for class, but the way I figure it, it doesn’t really make any sense to have a cool layout and never show it to the world… so I’m going beyond the scope of the assignment and redoing my entire site as well. I was going to give you guys a peak… but I think I’ll make it a surprise instead. Hehehe.

Oh, I also got my Advisment situation taken care of. I sent my adviser an email and this is what I got back…


I appreciate your concerns, and your proposal is the exact course of action we take with students in your situation. You will be able to register on Friday.

As for already having seen an adviser this year, Which adviser did you see? The last record I have of you receiving advisement from Harris Hall was Fall 2000, however, if there has been an oversight you would not be required to come in again until next Fall.

As for your appointment next Monday, I’ll leave that up to you. You can come in if you’d like or you can wait until you receive another advisement reminder letter next fall…either way is fine. If you want to wait until next fall, either email or call me at ***-**** to cancel the appointment.

Thanks and have a great week,


rawk. i sleep now. :-p