Woo… stuffage. From the sounds of it, the boys are already hot on the trail of a posting/database system that will work for us. I’d personally like it as customizable as humanly possible (of course) but anything that works will be suficiant. The main features I’m looking for would be:

1) Easy administrative control
2) Ease of posting (see #1)
3) Customizable posting options
4) Function and useful extras (comments, polls, archives etc)
5) Easy to design around.

I guess I just want somthing that can will allow all of us to update easily and be easy to design around. (ie: the system controls the content and doesn’t dictate design). Who knows. I think I’ll leave this one up to Chip and Chris, they have far more experience in programming matters than I do. I know they’ll come up with something cool, they always do.

As for the rest of my day, pretty normal so far. I had my hair cut at noon. The stylist took far to much off. I asked for merely a shorter version of what I had. What I got was one of the shortest haircuts of my life. It’s not “bad”, I just don’t like it. It’s a big change from the “hair to the shoulders” I had going on. The back was brought up to about ear level and it was shortened all around. Then she made some mistake (which I couldn’t see) and said she had to blend it in, or something like that. That of course ment more hair coming off. I guess I should have been more specific with her, but I didn’t exactly have any suggestions as far as a style went (I wanted something new) so I guess it’s my own fault. On a scale of “happiness” I would be “distainful or mildly displeased”. The haircut looks good, just on someone other than me. Whatever. It’s only hair, it grows back…

*starts weeping in the corner*