Well. Registration went off without a hitch today. Which, if anyone has been paying attention these three years will realize, is an impressive feat. 99% of the time there’s a server crash, an account hold, misplaced paper work, something, anything to prevent me from registering. This time was thankfully different. Registration began at 8:00am and by 8:05am I was back in bed. Huzah.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing video games and other such endevors to creatively use my time unwisely. There is a web page a brew’in, I promise you that. I’ve gotten it to the point of “tweaking” and should be finishing it up tomorrow (depending on how much I work on it) or Sunday afternoon. But, it will most certainly be in place for class by monday. At least that’s the plan. Doesn’t waiting make it that much more interesting… ok, not really. But it doesn’t suck, I promise.

I also went to see Black Hawk Down tonight, which, since I’m tired, I’ll talk about in the morning. So, for the moment… g’night.