Well, last night I fell into the Photoshop pit from hell. I’ve been trying to think up really nifty new things for my new layout, but haven’t been able to. So, last night I tried to find interesting tutorials on how to make a cool interface or maybe just some accent pieces. Well, I found some. Infact, I found too many. Truth be told, I knew where to find most of them, but I had never really tried to use them before. So, last night I did. After about 3 hours of trying to follow EyeBall Designs tutorials on how to make an interface, the only thing I had accomplished looked like a 3rd grader had done it. I was trying to do this but it never quite made it. Maybe I’ll shoot for something a little less intrusive. We’ll see. I still have a week to do it, but I wanted to have it done before the weekend. And we all know how long it take Matt to debug a site (about a year). Oh well. I’ll think up something.

In studio however, things were going much much better. I keep getting compliments on some of my shots, which is making me happy because I finally feel like I know what I’m doing. Anyway, I figured I’d show you guys the last couple of shots I took. I think you’ve already seen one of these, but you get to see it again anyway. I scanned’em at only 72dpi, so forgive me. It was to save both you and I time. So, they’re very small, but if you’d like to see’em bigger, just let me know.

Rio Volt (chrome and LED lighting)
Single Zippo Lighter (chrome/metal lighting)
Flower Vase (glass lighting)
Two Lighters (reflections/chrome)

After studio yesterday I headed over to Lauren’s place and she made tacos. Yum! I hadn’t had tacos in a while. After that I helped find ideas for a design for a lamp she needs to make. It should be really cool when it’s done. After that I came back here and fell into to Photoshop nightmare. Oh well. I guess I should get cleaned up, it’s almost time to study for a quiz and drive downtown for class. Later.