Well, it’s Thursday… barely. It’s also bedtime, at least it will be when I finish writting this. Theres a bunch of random stuff going on today. I’ve got a hair appointment at 12, which is very unlike me. A: being up before 12 and B: getting a haircut. As most of you know and/or remember, I’ve been growing the hair “out” for quite a bit, both to the dismay of my parents and to the delight of Lauren. Well, there comes a time when you just feel like a change, and this would be such a time. I don’t quite know what I’m looking for as far as a new “style” but the hairdresser (Lauren’s hairdresser) assures Lauren that “it’ll be cool” so I’m hopeful. After that I have class at 3 in which I think we’ll be watching a movie on Miles Davis, which is always cool.

As for the rest of my weekend, it seems like I’ll be the only person around on Friday. Pete usually works, Jason is driving all the way to Tennesee and the Weezer and Saves the Day show, Lauren is driving to Atlanta to go to the design Expo Center and other spots of interest to interior designers. Which leaves me here. I wonder if Nagle is doing anything.

Speaking of Nagle, according to the last few journal comments, it seems like he would like to get on board with blogproject.com, which is awesome. Which brings us to a grand total of 4 so far (Chris, Chip, Nagle and myself) who would be contributing. This should rawk once we get it going. Which reminds me, I should read the PHPNuke documentation and figure out if it’s useful, maybe pass it on to Chip for him to have a look at. Then, maybe once I get my own site squared away, take a crack at a BP.com site design. But once I get a layout that I like I’ll need a little help with input and such as to what “content” goes where. But that’s a far stretch down the road I suppose.

I think I’m also going to shoot my portrait assignment this weekend. I’m hoping to get Lauren and her three roommates all at once. They always wanted a group portrait, so I figure this will brighten their day as well as fulfill my assignment. Hopefully I can get them all together on Sunday. That way I won’t have to run around and try and get it done next week.

ok, time for bed.