Well. It’s Sunday. Which means it’s homework day. I already have half of my digital homework done (the nav bar above) but I still need an intro-ish, slice-image thingy. I’m still not to clear on “why” I need one, just that its part of the assignment. I’ll give it a whril I suppose. I’m also getting my Studio work out of the way early. I’m having a photo shoot tonight so that I won’t have to tomorrow. I may shoot a roll tomorrow as well, just incase something weird happens (like film getting ruined) but I doubt that will happen (*knocks on wood*). The shoot isn’t until 6 (setup at 5) so I have a little time to think up ideas for it. Usually my “inspiration” comes when I’m actually in the studio, but there’s always a chance I’ll think of something cool. So, other than that, my only plans are for lunch at some point, a shower shortly following, perhaps some video games, and that’s it.

That is all.