Well. I’m off to studio. Jason says that this kids named Adam (who a royal jackass) wanted to take studio pictures of him at 2:30. I find this funny since I have class at three and there isn’t enough equipment to go around as it is. If he thinks he can use equipment that our class needs durring class time, he’s very mistaken. I hate snobby arrogance. Not that I really care, my film is shot anyway, but for the sake of others in my class I willing to “say something” should I need to. Oh well. After class I’m going to go hangout over Lauren’s for a bit. She has a lot of homework this week so maybe I’ll offer to make dinner for us so she can work. I feel bad that she has all these projects and I don’t. It’s not that I’m slacking off, it’s just been an easy semester. Either way, any time I get to spend with her is time well spent. So, I’m off.