Well, I got a basic plan laid out for the next 24 hours or so. This afternoon, Lauren is going to work on projects and I’m going to play Day of Defeat (if the lag ever clears up). Tonight, I’m going to pick up dinner from our favorite Italian place, Bella’s. Then its an evening of R&R for the both of us. Tomorrow morning we’re planning on going to the Hilton Head outlet stores so I can look for a pair of pants. That’s about it.

I think I’ll also ask my parents for $500 so I can upgrade this piece’o’crap computer. Something tells me that very soon a AMD-K6 III 450 ain’t gonna cut it. I’d like to only spend the $500 but a little over is ok with me. Jason has some PC2100 RAM I can buy off him for next to nothing (Thanks Jay!) and so I’m only planning on getting the power supply, Mobo and CPU. Everything else I have is still fine. I’m planning on getting the Gigabyte GA-7VTXE as a motherboard (cause Chip tells me its bad-ass) and an AMD Athlon 1600+ or 1700+. Then probably a 300watt power supply to keep it all running nicely. Throw in a headsink/fan and I’ll be done. I dunno. Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?