Shit! Jason and I decided to do a good thing today and clean the kitchen. This involved doing a large amount of dishes. So, we decided to let the dishwasher do them for us. We’ve always liked the dishwasher, but weren’t using it in order to keep other people happy. So, we loaded up the dishwasher, put in soap, and turned it on. A few minutes later, soapy water started to pour from the inside of the machine and spill onto our floor. We called the emergency maintenance people and they’re on their way over. This, despite the amount of water, may be a good thing. Our dishwasher is “old” and that’s putting it nicely. Hopefully we can get a new one out of this. Also, the water all over the floor is a perfect excuse to mop it, which hasn’t been done in quite a long time. So, hopefully, we’ll get a new dishwasher and a clean floor out of 10 minutes of cleaning. Nifty.