See… this is what I mean about being “bad about updating”. Oh well. There are fairly good reasons however. At the top of that list would probably be Valentines day. Not that its a bad thing by any stretch, just that it occupied my time on Thursday. Anyway.

Thursday actually went quite well. Lauren and I accidentialy ran into each other in the mall. We were both picking up last minute things for each other. It was actually kinda funny. I was standing in the Hallmark looking for a nice card and someone walks up and pokes me on the shoulder. I usually don’t get poked on the shoulder by random strangers so it made me jump. I turned around and there was Lauren. I was caught. I had been the slacker boyfriend and hadn’t looked for a card before the actual day. I asked what she was doing at the mall and she said she was looking for something for me, which made me feel like less of a “slacker boyfriend”. So, we walked around the mall for a bit and then parted ways so that we could buy our respective items. Lauren headed home to prepare my “surprise dinner” and I headed home to take a shower and relax a bit. The dinner was absolutely fantastic. She made me roast with potatos and carrots and gravy to smother everything, all topped off with biscuits. It was great. As a college student, you don’t have many opportunities to “eat well” or to have ol’ fashion home cookin’ and this was certainly a very welcome surprise.

Friday wasn’t to bad either. Around 2:00 I had an appointment with the Career Planning and Placement office. They were pretty nice and gave me a whole pile of places to start looking for jobs this summer. Not employers directly, but resources and places to make contacts. Unfortunatly the admitted that they don’t remember the last time that a commercial photo agency actually came to town to look for students. (that’s something that happens more often with other majors… employers come to town to look for talent) Which, I guess I’m ok with, it just means that I have to find a job on my own. I guess the main draw back to being a photography major at SCAD would be that it’s 99% fine art photography oriented. Which, don’t get me wrong, I love doing. But there’s no money in fine art. Well, for one in a million there is, but there’s no solid guarentee of income, no insurance, no company to back your work. Sure, every once in a while a fine art photographer does the “gallery cirucut”, raises a few eyebrows and makes some serious bank. That doesn’t mean that the other 4 million photographers don’t get shafted that year. It’s just kind of interesting to me that the school is training 500 students (the size of the photo dept) to be photographers with almost no regard for any commercial aspect of the buisness. Luckily that’s changing. My professor in Studio class has been pushing hard for new studio/commerical classes and new studio equipment. Hopefully, I’ll get to use some of it before I leave.

So, that leaves us with today. Saturday… which is LAUREN’S BIRTHDAY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!

*insert singing here*

Tonight I’ve made reservations at a piano bar downtown. According to everyone I talk to it seems to be nice. I guess we’ll find out. I didn’t make any plans for afterwards because I didn’t know how long we’d be staying there. I also figured that we’d be dressed up quite a bit so it would really make sense to go someplace afterwards and be really overdressed. Although it seems like just dinner is kind of an incomplete evening. I don’t know. I’m never any good at planning evenings. Maybe I’ll think of something for us to do afterwards, wardrobe be damned.