Ok, last thing before I get some sleep. DoD 2 is sweet ass! I didn’t know that DoD (Day of Defeat) was going to be part of this round of Valve Beta tests, but it is. I loved playing DoD on nights when Counter-Strike idiots were getting on my nerves. I liked it well enough, but at the time CS was drawing more of my attention. It also had some technical flaws and “kinks” to be worked out. This is no longer the case. The DoD team has done a fantastic job. It plays like a completely new game. Everything is smoother, the attention to detail is top notch, the new maps are great. Everything is great. Move over CS, I think DoD v2.0 is my new favorite Half-Life modification. And let me just say it takes A LOT to unseat CS. This game delivers. As soon as this puppy is out of Beta, I urge all my CS buddies to give it a try, you’ll love it.

Ok. Sleepy time. Later.