Nifty. I’ve started a war among neighbors. Why? Because someone was parked in my spot. By “my spot” I mean the spot marked for our apartment, the only one that we get to have. There are other spots for other people, but someone decided not to bother with formality and parked in ours. So, coming home at 11:30 tonight, I turned towards what is usually an empty spot, only to find it occupied. I thought this was a bit strange so I backed up and looked at the number painted on the ground, thinking maybe I had pulled towards someone else’s spot by mistake. I didn’t. A tad aggrivated I parked on the other side of the complex, walked all the way to my apartment and proceeded to call the office of the apartment complex, who in turn called an officer from the Sheriff’s Dept who called a tow truck. The tow truck just arrived and their putting the car onto the back of it now. I was actually just outside talking to the officer and he said that it was the third car he towed tonight. There must be a party going on or something. So, maybe it isn’t one of my neghbors and just some random idiot. Screw’em either way. I’m tired and don’t need to put up with this. So, now I’ve got to wait until the tow truck leaves so I can move my car into my spot. Which I’m a little hesitant to do since I fear the wraith of others. But, you know what, I’m done being scared of shit like that. They did something stupid. Fuck’em.