I would like to give a big resounding “FUCK YOU” to FilePlanet tonight. A long time ago, in a browser far far away, it was still a cool site. A place where you could download useful game updates and nifty addons. This is no more. Now, unless you shell out $x.xx for a personal account, you have to “wait in line” to download something. Umm… no. If I wanted to wait in line, I would be at the fucking grocery store. So, I choose one of the “unknown” servers without a wait time. I end up trying to download a 101Mb file at 2.5k/sec. WTF?

This brings up some serious issues, and I’ll try not to fly off onto a wild tangent, but some things have been pissing me off lately. Advertising for one. We (as a public) need to step up and say enough is enough. Do you know how many things large corporations have figured out that they can get away with. Lemme ask you a question. Do you remember not paying ATM fees? Do you? Because I sure do. Now, estimate how many people, across the globe, are getting zapped with $2 charges, all day, every day. They obviously didn’t “need” to charge for them 10 years ago. Why now? The convienence of an ATM hasn’t changed. They haven’t added new features they need to pay for. So, why the $2? Because they can. To even further add insult to injury, the local ATMs around here now have started ADVERTISING between screens. ADS!!!! Doesn’t anyone have a problem with this! Why are we sitting here taking this crap?

I heard something even more disturbing the other day. Some shithole of a company wants to install “Smart Carts” in your grocery stores. These carts would be smart enough to know what isle you’re on and respond by advertising the appropriate products on a built in LCD panel. Has the world gone fucking nuts??? If I’m at a grocery store, and my cart starts talking to me, telling me to buy Minute Main instead of Tropicana, I’m libel to smash the little fucker to bits right then and there. NO ONE has the right to interfere with my personal shopping, especially in the juice isle.

I can understand TV/Radio ads. They need the ads (sometimes) to produce a source of income for their station. Their mediums are paid for by advertising. I can even understand internet ads a little. The cost of a sever and a service is a lot. But that doesn’t mean that my downloads pause, an ad pops up for 30 seconds, and then it contiues. No one would put up with that. But, somehow we are. We’ll get to that point. Unless we do something now, every aspect of our personal lives will be influenced by commercialism and marketing schemes. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to turn a page in a book and have to wait for an ad to load before I can continue reading.

*deep breath*

Ok, I’ll stop there. Obviously I could have continued on for quite sometime on this one. I just have a real problem with it. But we’ll stop here for the night. So, the moral of the story is “DAMN THE MAN”, buy t-shirts without Nike “swooshes” or A&F logos, and smash the fuck out of any shopping carts that talk to you.

Oh… and my download finally finished too. Damn FilePlanet.