I think nearly everybody got to do something cool this weekend. Lauren’s in Atlanta, Jason just got back from Tennesee, Nagle and Sean went to MegaCon (comic book convention) in Florida. What did I do today? I tutored for about 3 hours, then came home, ate bad pizza and have been playing DoD and CS ever since. I might be having fun if my computer would stop crashing. I know it’s an issue with the Asus P5A but there’s no documentation for it. Jason (jtn) and I have had the same problem for years, after about 15 minutes, the entire machine will reboot for no apparent reason. It use to be worse back when I had the TNT2 in there. It was nearly unplayable. I dunno. I’m bored with the games already. Maybe I go to Barnes & Noble and sit there and drink coffee for a few hours. Then again… nah, that’s no fun either. I’m bored. Plain and simple. Any suggestions?