I found a little blurb on speedguide.net. Maybe this is why we can’t get over 2k/sec when all three of us are online.

@Home to Comcast transitions are happening:

… and overall the people are not very happy. It seems the new caps, both up and down have people getting upset- including the technicians themselves.

Personally, my transition occurs this Saturday. Up until now, I have been uncapped- it will be a rough transition to move to their new 1.5mbps down standard… especially since I will be paying the same amount for the service.

Damn strait. I shouldn’t pay $90 a month for service that sucks. ($35 for tv, $40 for modem and the $5 for each IP). What the fuck?!?! Somehow I’m guess that 1.5mbps is total and not per IP. If it was then I would at least me able to get a web page in more than a minute. This is rediculous. Just because there’s no alternative doesn’t mean that they can bitch-fuck consumers anyway they please.