Damn, I’ve been bad about updating… I’m starting to be like Chris (j/k dude). Oh well. Anyway, things have been going fairly well. This weekend is the culmination of this seasons “spirit of giving.” What on earth am I talking about? Valentines day and Lauren’s birthday of course. She’s planned a nice evening for us on Valentines and I’ve planned her birthday. I believe the plan is for her to make a “surprise” dinner for Valentines. The “surprise” being in the dish itself. Then, we had the forthought to rent a movie early and avoid the rush. Out thought being that everyone on the planet will be out for dinner on Valentines so we’d go out for her birthday instead. As for her birthday, I’m making reservations at a piano bar downtown called Suzabelle’s. I also got her a few nice things (which I’m torturing her with since she’s trying to guess what they are) so I’ve got to find nice wrapping paper at some point. That’s about it.

I’ve also got to pick up some paperwork, or rather fill some out, down at Habersham hall in order to become an official tutor. I explained what was going on right? Yah, I did… I think. Anyway. I’m going to meet Lauren for lunch and then walk over there before my 3:00 class. I also just had some kid make fun of me from across the room, which kind of aggrivates me, so maybe there’ll be time for a quick beating as well. I don’t really understand why people are like that. Why be a 22 year old child. What a fucko. So… fuck him, I’m in a good mood today, and just because I have the basic intelligence to understand Adobe GoLive and he has issues spelling his own name doesn’t mean he can be a retard whenever he fells it nessisary. Maybe I’ll go give him a quick shot to the head and a cluepon. (ps: a clue-pon, is a coupon for a clue, redeamable whenever the person possesing it is a complete retard)

That is all.