Chris is correct. There are still some changes to come here at For the rest of the semester I’ll be working on little things here and there. The link back to the homepage will be added, the homepage itself will be redone (not the site, just index.html), I’ll eventually encorporate Flash into the design (which will mean a Flash and non-Flash version) and I’m still thinking about tweaking the text… though I’m not decided on that one quite yet. So that’s the skinny on the site, as for me, I’m doing pretty good.

Dinner last night was very good. The drinks were a little on the pricey side but thats ok. Afterwards we headed out southside to see I Am Sam, the new movie with Sean Penn. It was ok, sorta. The product placement alone was enough to make someone gag. Then there were the story elements that started and didn’t go anywhere, then the cinematography was just horrible. Anyway, the story was ok, at points, but the rest was just to much to allow it to be “good”. That, or it was the people on either end of the isle that made it unbearable. On one end were 3 older women who thought everything was “sweet” or “touching” and wouldn’t shut up about it. On the other end, some slutty girl was more or less trying to give her boyfriend head. It was very unpleasent. So, the movie was alright (at point) and I’d give it around a 5.5 out of 10, but having to put up with people from Savannah brings it down to around a 3.5. I would suggest finding something else to watch for you $7.50 and more importantly, don’t go to a movie in Savannah.

Lauren and I actually had a discussion about the social dynamic in Savannah last night as we left the theater. I won’t get into it, but sufice it to say that I’ve never seen people who are more rude and inconsiderate then the people that live around here. Sure, there are annoying people elsewhere in the world… and you’ve probably sat infront of them in a movie or two, but nothing parallels the extensiveness of the rude behavior I’ve seen in this city. People talking on cell phones, people having full blown conversations with each other, people letting their child scream through the entire movie, all of it, it sickens me. I’m not going to go any further with this one because I’ll just piss myself off even more and I don’t feel like spoiling what has been a wonderful afternoon.

So, here I am, relaxing at the pad, playin’ a little SimGolf (which by the way is frigging addicting) and thinking up ideas for a new flash intro thing. I wish I could do something like, but then again I’m sure he’s been at it for quite some time. Oh well.