Chris emailed me last night and asked about my general ideas as far as is concerned. I didn’t have time to email him back (but I will this afternoon) but I figured I’d bounce a few ideas around here before hand. Both Chris and I feel that it shouldn’t be an extension of our personal journals. That’s been done before. We’re also leaning toward a more informative oriented site. My idea, originally, was something between slashdot, usr-bin-grl and a movie/music/program review site. I figure that we’re good at being opinionated and maybe we can share a bit of that. Give witty and insiteful commentary on news items, interesting sites, etc as well as give honest and at times sarcastic reviews of movies, music and software. I also feel that there should be some interaction between us (Chris, myself and whoever else comes on board) and the readers. A comment/discussion board is an obvious way to go, but we have to remember that it would require a lot of time. Take a look at, I think they do it well, the comment systems I mean. Personaly, I loath full blown discussion boards and forum, I think they’re silly and 99% imature postings. So, if it can be avoided, I would vote for just a comment system and not a forum, but thats just me. I guess the easiest way to see what I’m getting at would be some examples. Now, I’m not saying that we should copy anyones format. Heck no. I’m just using these as examples of good, interesting sites that have information as well as opinions, which I think should be the ultimate goal.

Deviant Art




The Filthy Critic


That’s it. It’s class time now. Chris, I’ll talk to you later and I promise I’ll actually be on AIM when I’m at my computer tonight. Later.