*written earlier today*

The trip to Colorado really kind of put things into perspective. That and my walk around Savannah today. I had actually missed this stupid city, somehow. It actually felt almost like “home.” Home is hard to come by at the moment. New Hampshire doesn’t feel like home, Savannah didn’t feel like home until recently. I dunno. I almost felt like I was a senior in high school again, that I was the “old hand” and knew what was going on more than the frightened little freshmen and certainly more than the random tourists. I had previously been in disbelief, that there was no way I was a junior, that Chris was graduating college this year, that my brother was driving. My little journey across the country forced me to realize how much I had done and how many more things I still wanted to do. So, I’m ready for life’s adventure I guess, but at the same time I finally feel comfortable where I am.

Besides all that, I managed to get a few things done today.

This morning I headed downtown for Digital II, my 9am, which is taught by a funny little woman with a thick Australian accent (probably since she’s from New Zeland) Turns out that the course description has changed since I signed up for it. Instead of more advanced digital techniques, it’s now completely and totally web design with a touch of Flash at the end. The theory being that we’ll be able to market ourselves after we finish school. So, I don’t know about everyone else but I’m certainly looking forward to the next class’ “introduction to HTML” lecture. *snicker*

I also heard rumor that my history class doesn’t actually count for history credits. If this is true, it’ll be a shame, but I’ll have to drop it. There’s no sense in taking a class that I can’t use to graduate. I’ll see about switching it if that’s the case, maybe back to poetry like I had originally arranged it. We’ll see what happens.