Why on earth do I feel the need to get to my 9am class early? Is it that I have nothing better to do at 9am? Certainly not, sleep is always an option. Well, what is it? Parking my friends, parking. You see, Savannah, while only being a medium sized city (about the size of Manchester or Worchester) they’ve already used up any available empty lot for private parking. Resturants own the lots next to them, so do banks, office buildings etc. So, when SCAD started buying buildings in the 70’s, they unfortunatly neglected to buy buildings that included the lots next to them. Let me give you an example. Downtown, not including the new dorms, there are 4 academic buildings and a 2 dorms. Can you guys how many parking lots we have. 1 for the large dorm, two small little ones (about 30 cars wide) for the “over flow” and a dirt lot in a construction zone that we’re not sure if we can park in but do anyway. Now, you have to realize that there are 500+ students in the large dorm, 30+ in the small one then hundreds of students all day long going to the academic buildings. Do the math. That’s not a good number you’re getting are you? Welcome to the SCAD parking problem. Take all of the problems people have parking in a large city (meters, traffic etc) and then throw a medium sized college into the middle and give everyone no additional parking whatsoever. So, the answer to the original question is that I get to class early so I can steal a parking spot from some stupid little freshmen. Then I come here and write something mindless and rambling onto my website. Oh well. The teacher is talking at this point, I suppose I should be paying attention. Later.