What a day.

Studio went well. My photo partner took her friggin’ sweet ass time setting up her shot, which eventually didn’t work anyway. So, half way through class, I got behind the camera, changed ALL the lights, the back drop, the positions of everything and finally composed a shot I liked. It’s borring but that’s besides the point. It was one of those “learning exercises.” But all went well and I’m happy with my shot.

Afterwards I went over to Lauren’s for dinner. She was making the really really good kind of raveolie (the big giant ones). It was quite tasty. After that, it turned out that her car tire went flat last night so I busted out the jack and put on the spare. It was actually quite easy compared to my car. After that she needed to run a quick errand to Office Max to get a printer cartridge and to the grocery store. While we were at the grocery store she got me Ben & Jerry’s to reward me for fixing her flat tire. Yum.

So, here I am, eating B&J’s, about to take a shower and catch some sleep.

Tomorrow I get my refund check. Huzah! There’s quite a few “nessisary” things I need to do with it. Rent, for example, is a pretty important one. My car needs an oil change and new brake pads, I need to pay off my credit card, I need to get some groceries, stuff like that. After I wipe away my current debt, I can think about making some more. I wonder how cheap I can do a ‘puter upgrade for? Guys, any suggestions?