Things are sorta working again here in internet land. We made our cable company get off their fat butts and add two more IP addys today. Which means that all of us are back online. The connection is still slower than your average grandmother driving but at least it works. And as for my horrific two days of non-updating… I couldn’t think of anything interesting to write. Sunday afternoon I sat around the house and enjoyed “me time”. Lauren came over to visit that evening and we relaxed a bit. Monday, everyone had the day off so I started in on some HTML stuff I needed to do then I started making dinner. I made one of those StoveTop “dinners in a box” which I would recommend to anyone. Those things are awesome. All you need is the box and some chicken.

As for today, I went downtown before class, to the Bursars office, and got them to push my refund check through. I’ll be able to pick it up on Thursday. Which is good, because I’m friggin broke.

So, tonight, after visiting with Lauren for a little bit, I’ve come home to work on a website that’s due tomorrow. So that’s that.

Let’s see, what else…

CS 1.4 is kinda/sorta cool. They changed the spectator/”you’re dead” mode a lot. Cleaned up some of the voice stuff and their “working” on anti-cheat implementation. I haven’t seen anyone cheat yet, so maybe it’s working and I don’t know it.

Lastly… I stumbled across something called Post Nuke, an open-source content management system, which if it’s everything it seems to be, maybe be my new web page system. I’ll have to play with it before I make a switch or anything. It might also be a way for Chris and I to work with, which btw, we still need a host for.

Ok, back to work. Later.

Current music: Push – The legacy & Madona – Music