Such randomness. First and most relevant, Comcast strikes again. The annoying southern cable giant, in an effort to continue it’s cable modem buisness, signs a deal with AT&T after Excite@Home bites the dust. This means that they’ll be switching their cable modem customers from @Home service to “Comcast high-speed service”, which sounds very sketchy to me. Anyway, to do this they obviously need to switch over their systems and do an upgrade… with out telling anyone when either. Oh, sure, we got a letter saying it might happen “over the coming weeks” but never an actual date. So, now we find our fearless hero downloading a rather large iso image and having his cable modem start blinking like there’s no tomorrow. Then, of course, it stops blinks all together. Matt get’s up, power cycles the modem… still nothing. Matt yells at the modem, still nothing. It takes 48 hours for them to “switch over” their systems. Something I would have been more understanding towards if they had told me it was going to happen. How did the tech support guy slime his way out of that one you may ask? Well, he simply told me that I should check my email and there would be a notice of the service interuption… some of you aren’t getting this… he told me to CHECK MY EMAIL with the service I didn’t have. Sure enough, this morning I was notified that I had just experienced a service outage… how nice of them.

Besides that modem, I did have some fun this weekend. Wednesday night, Lauren and I went out to Bella’s, our favorite Italian place. Thursday, we watched Moulin Rouge with a small group. Friday we stayed in and rented a movie. Last but certainly not least, last night we went to the Savannah Symphony to here a tribute to Frank Sinatra. It was really good and I’m really glad we went. Afterwards, Lauren, Hallie, Brittiny and myself went to the Diner for some eats. It was really a fun evening.

As for today. I only have two things on my to do list. First, I need to find a sphere, a cylinder and a cube to use as my first lighting subjects in a photo on Monday. I hope for supplies get here. Second, I need to do a little grocery shopping, just the essentials. I should probably also pick up a few odds and ends for that afor-mentioned photo shoot. That’s about it. Later kids.