Stuffage. Tonight is hockey night and I’m happy. I don’t have much to do until then. I should be dressed and I should be bringing a form downtown to the Bursars Office, but that would require the sort of person who excerts effort as well as being dressed and as I’ve just mentioned, I’m neither of those things. So, I’m sitting here in my PJs, not doing much of anything. I just played a little Tetris (clone) thanks to Chris’ roommate, the fish. I think I’ll make a skin for it to show my appreciation for his coding skillz.

I think I’m going to go make lunch. I wish I had some pasta sauce, then I could make the jumbo stuffed shells that I have in my freezer. Or, maybe not, because that would require effort as well… but it would make my tummy happy… I’m indecisive today, can’t you tell?

Current Music: The Strokes