Hmm. Cable modem wise, things are still broken at home, which is rather aggrivating. I can understand the set backs and problems that may occur in switching to a new system, but three days without service (or service working correctly at the least) is a little silly. I called Tech Support last night. Not so much for myself but for Pete and Jason. As far as they could tell, we were running “correctly” and that the shitty connection speeds were just part of the migration traffic. She also couldn’t find record of our additional two IP addresses, which isn’t suprising to me, they’ve done that before. Actually, they’ve completely lost our account before, so I suppose this is an improvement. So, this afternoon, Pete and I will wonder down to have a chat with good old Comcast, hopefully straitening this all out.

Speaking of this afternoon, I still have to go to the art supply store and buy a wooden sphere and a can of matte white spray paint. So, between 11:30 and 3, I need to drive back out south side, go to Comcast, go to the store, have lunch, spray paint three objects and drive back by 2:45 for my class at 3:00. Joy. After that I need to pick up Lauren and drive her out to the island where she has MOPS at 6:00. Hopefully there’s something to do (or at least eat) on the island so that I won’t have to drive home in between dropping her off and picking her up at 8:00. I really, really hope there’s food out there because I can already tell that it’ll be one of those days where I won’t get to have lunch and that dinner will probably be a friggin’ pop tart. Oh well. Time for class. Later.