And our story continues…

Not really, I just couldn’t think of an interesting opening line this time. Not that the others have been particularly meaningful, or “good” as some people would point out, but I’ve got a personal style damnit, really I do. I have no friggin’ clue what it is, but it must be something interesting. Continuing on I suppose, towards another mildly interesting description of my day. Personally, I’m getting a little bored with stories about “my day”. Everyone knows the routine by now. I have classes, two of them are easy, one is hard. Let’s move on. Perhaps I’ll start discussing opinions on world events, personal thoughts, speculations about society… or perhaps none of that will happen and I’m just really full of shit at the moment. You be the judge. Perhaps I need a literary style like that of CW from PA. You know, the ability to turn a brief escapade with carrot cake into a page and a half adventure. Maybe I’ll take that creative writing class after all.

As for my worldly opinions, tonight we’ll start with southern culture. More precisely, my neighbors. Now, to fully understand where I’m coming from, I’ll have to give you a brief description of where I live. My apartment is situated horizontally across the backs of two other apartments. This creates a large C or U shape depending on how you look at it. Two apartments in one direction, mine in the other with a courtyard in the middle. Now, all three apartments are two story condos and I have the only room that faces the courtyard on the inside, hence, the only window into the courtyard as well. So, now that you know how everything is set up, I can continue.

This evening, it seems the residents of the apartment to my left are having a small domestic disturbance. This wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary for most people who live in the south. I’m sure most everyone has been witness to some sort of marriage dispute before. I just seems to happen more often here in the south. Things up north are very hidden socially and the people are very plastic sometimes. Not here however. So, my neighbors are having “issues” at the moment and I’m heavily considering calling the police because there’s a hefty amount of yelling and glass throwing (I’m guessing). Unfortunately, the couple seems to have the need to have this “discussion” in the courtyard itself rather than their home. Perhaps they just wanted to share. While I do appreciate their gesture, I’d really like them to shut the hell up.

Of course, this raises other issues such as “should I say anything?” Which, I’ve decided the answer to is a resounding “no.” Why? Because I’m a wuss. Ever since a certain incident at a Texaco station, I’ve been shying away from confrontation. I either need everyone who annoys me to be small and child like, or I just don’t need anyone to annoy me. It always seems that “angry” people are much larger than me and therefor could beat me into a senseless pulp. How unfortunate that I didn’t inherent my grandfather’s height. My brother did. I did not. Unfortunate indeed.

So, this leaves me sitting here typing, listening to yelling, wishing I was a larger individual which would grant me the opportunity to shout “shut the hell up” out my window. I am not, and so I will not. Such is life. I’ve learned to deal.

Now that I’ve mentioned all that, I suppose you might like to hear mention of my afternoon. Maybe? Well, you’re going to get it anyway.

Actually, this afternoon was quite good. Lauren completely surprised me with both dinner and presents. I didn’t deserve any of that, but she got them for me anyway. Sometimes she floors me with the smallest things she does. Anyway. She got me a set of blue martini classes from Pier 1 along with a peach tea scented candle and a candle holder. They’re both really cool. Then we went and got something to eat at Mellow Mushroom, this pizza and calzone place around the corner. It was quite tasty and now I feel tired as if I had just finished Thanksgiving dinner. Yum.

That is all.